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Privacy Policy

Information Collected By Us
A. Direct information:

In order to visit this website directly, you’re not asked to provide your personal details but Apni Khabare may ask you about these details whenever you approach our site functions. You have to provide these pieces of information while accessing our certain services, features, contents and while your direct contact with Apni Khabare:

  1. Personal details: name, email, contact number and postal address.
  2. Your username and password.
  3. Search queries on Apni Khabare.
B.  Information Collected By Our Server:

Whenever you interact with Apni Khabare, our server automatically collects these pieces of information:

  1. Your browser type and language.
  2. Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  3. Your Operating System.
  4. Date and time of your visit.
  5. Your activities on our website.
  6. Pages and ads that you click on.
  7. Server log details.